Please Seperate UT forums from UE forums

I hate this to be my first post here but I’ve been learning UE4 over the last week and this issue continues to be a real pain.
Every time I do a search for information about UE4 I use the search engine found on the documentation page here

I use this because I can get forum topics, answers, and documentation all in the same results. This is extremely handy except for that it returns the results for Unreal Tournment as well.
For example do a search for Texture Quality

The very first result is from the UT forums. It’s a frustration and waste of time to have filter through what pertains to the Unreal Engine and what belongs to the game. Please let the game have their own forums I’m sure they would appreciate it too.

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Take a look at this thread, it has already been asked: :wink:

You could omit the forums entirely from the main search results and if you do not find what you are looking for on the AnswerHub, Documentation or the Wiki you can use the advanced search feature built into vBulletin itself.

While on the forum at the top of the site click Advanced Search and then click Search Single Content Type. You can then select the sub-forums you believe your search query is pertinent to. It is an extra step, but it’s the easiest way to get more targeted results.

Please continue further discussions on the link fighter5347 provided.

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