please need help with the Epic games launcher

Hello, here I am writing to you following a big problem I may have had with the epic launcher here a few days ago I had a problem with the interface with the launcher, it was like an HTML page but without CSS just plain text and then I wanted to see for myself how to fix it I went to the root folder of the launcher I made sure to solve the problems well but nothing to do I can look for a thousand and one a way to see how to solve this problem but nothing until I wanted to delete everything and reinstall everything except that the problem and the next epic now it starts we will say that it starts in a correct way at least I have access to UE4 because your shop and a nightmare a little while before his bugs appeared from null by I bought 2 great games on sale subnautica below zero and Outer Wilds I don’t have them in my library and when I go on in the shop he marks me in loading but nothing more and I am not no picture no picture no description like that in my library or I’m nothing anymore the free games of the previous months are no longer in my list here is sorry to have written a long block but I would like to find the games I bought at least please thank you.
I am sending you some pictures of my empty account currently.