please make Niagara this easy to use

Now that you guys have finally added Cinema4d can we take some UI design and ease of use lessons from them - While I understand that the effects graph is powerful to engineering types - users that fall on the bottom 30% towards Artistic mindsets find it challenging if useless to use for anything but the most simplistic of stuff . Please make a system that is as easy and powerful as shown in this video .Cinema 4D R21: Breakdown of New Features - YouTube I would like to see you replicate everything he does in this video in Niagara in less time than he does it, honestly how many clicks does it take to replicate this compared to how many he took ??? i bet its like 10x more with tons of blueprinting that no artist will be able to do . If you can’t then your system is not as powerful or as advanced .-- The way they do it 100% of the Users can use it EASILY - a visual effects graph isn’t even close to as easy to use at a system like this with plenty of visual icons to show you whats going on. If only the top 30% of users can even take advantage of a majority of the effects why design that system that way ? Is this intentional ? You guys only want a small percent of users to be able to make cool stuff ?
Also look how compact their UI is - Why is Unreals UI taking up 3x as much screen space ??? so much wasted screen space - and tabs that are side by side are immensly better then scrolling up and down - what a waste of time trying to find anything - Even watching tutorials for people who know what they are doing they spend so much time just trying to find the section they what to tweak . Why not have both types of UI ? So the User can decide - .

They are completely different from each other, it’s not a simple matter of changing a UI

Because a lot of people here think that the current UI design in UE is “perfect”, and no one wants to make the immense effort to design and implement a modern, better one. :stuck_out_tongue:

If you want a more modern UI you probably better stick to Lumberyard or Godot.

Really? Who, and why would they think that this UI is perfect? :smiley:
It’s not super bad (much better than Unity’s normal theme), but icons and buttons are from 2002, without features that existed even in GTK Radiant like easy switching between different layouts.

Anyways, at least the engine is open source, so we can change the UI whenever we want (but of course it’s probably more work for a small team than what it gains from it).