Please implement a Crash-Autosave :)

Good Morning everyone,

Especially the widget-stuff seems still a bit buggy. Even simple actions like copy and paste / tab switching etc. lead to crashes about every 10-20 minutes and it is really frustrating that once a breakpoint is executed you have NO way to save the current process and you have to restart the editor and start all over again. Of course, you could just save after every step, but sometimes I don’t want to save it yet, because it is still experimental testing, and since we are woking over GitHub a save would lead to a need of pushing the level-file again (about 70mb). Just ignoring this file for the push oftentimes leads to strange ingame-crashes, so this isn’t a option for us anymore (beside the fact that you would need the last accepted level-file version for real changes, eg. had to pull it again). So, I would really love a temporary save file system, in which UE4 writes all current changes since the last save and when the editor crashes, the next time it starts up aks if I want to redo the lost worksteps, but DOES NOT actually save the process to the actual project, eg the user should then have the choice to save or abort the changes afterwards.

This would be really cool. :slight_smile:

Edit: Or am I just stupid as hell and this system already exists?
Edit2: May this better be moved to Feedback for Epic?

Well no, you are not stupid as hell :stuck_out_tongue:
This sounds like a good idea to me (and this post should probably have been in the feedback section) but the problem with save-on-crash is the possibility of a corrupt save file, so there should be a separate save folder for that I suppose.

Currently however, you can use the auto save system (Editor Preferences > Loading & Saving) and enable to save content.
Then you can find periodically saved files at Saved\Autosaves\Game folder.

This should be enough to at least ensure you don’t loose more than 10 minutes of work (assuming you have set the auto save to 10 mins).

Just checked out your ‘Victory’ library TK. Nice stuff.

Uh, UE4 automatically saves every 15 minutes or so. The little pop up appears in the lower right hand side of the screen asking if I want to wait or save now. How much work could you possibly lose in 15 minutes? That is unless you’re the Flash or Quicksilver.

I unconsciously ctrl+s after every tiny little change I make.

I think the nature of a crash would prevent an auto save… If the engine crashes, how would it know to save?

There are ways to make that work… 3ds max for example asks if you want to save after it crashes (well most of the time anyway).