Please i Need Help!!!

Black Ball appear when i start the level from Main Menu and i can move this Ball with Arrow Up and Down how can i remove this ball please help me , when i start level without Main Menu its not appear …


If this is a project you are editing its probably part of the UMG hud and if you deleted things from it its probably addressing the buttons that use to be there

Definitely not part of the UMG hud.

Do you have a main menu pawn? It’s probably that (even if you based the pawn off ‘default pawn’- it may even BE the default pawn). If you have a pawn that you control in the level, in begin play of that pawn you can call ‘get all actors of class ‘default pawn’’ and destroy them.


check this black ball ;/ make me crazy

nice upload a video with an advert on it…

it looks like the default pawn like the previous post said. Have you changed your default pawn in the game mode settings or created a new pawn inheriting from the default pawn? If so go into your pawn blueprint and set the mesh to be ‘hidden in game’.

thank you very match guys it was a little bit dodge :smiley: … it was Default pawn and i change it to Pawn and now is ok … i dont think am gonna have any problem because i make it pawn right? and is not default pawn

If you’ve not touched any of the pawn code and you’re not doing any cast to the default pawn can’t see it being a problem, think they are pretty much the same.

and don’t worry we’ve all been there, lot of fiddly settings to remember in UE4 :slight_smile: