Please help with landscape material

I’m trying to build a material that I can apply to a landscape and directly paint on grass, paths, and dirt spots. I’ve been working on it for a couple weeks with no luck and I’m kind of starting to freak out because my project is due on Monday. I’ve got 13 2k textures in total I’m using. In an attempt to prevent tiling I am randomly lerping two similar textures together.

1 is just noise
2 grass
2 grass normals
2 forest ground
2 forest ground normals
2 dirt
2 dirt normals

What happens is landscape components turn grey with random combinations of painted layers. I’ve read all the documentation and forum posts and I still can’t figure out what is wrong. I’ve successfully got a number of layers to work if I don’t use normal maps. At this point I’ll just be happy with 3 layers I can paint.

Here are pictures of what is happening and of my material. Please let me know what you think even if you’re not sure. I’ll try anything.

Use the landscape weight blend nodes, at the moment you can only have 10 texture samplers in a material, any more and your terrain is going to start acting weird.

You can have as many texture samples as you want in the actual material, however each landscape grid can only contain a maximum of 10 textures. This includes normal maps, dirt maps, splat maps, textures, etc. Cover the section that is grayed out with a single layer and see if the grey goes away, more than likely there are simply too many textures on it.

It says I only have 8 textures samples.

I also made another material with just 5 different textures and their normal maps. Do corresponding normal maps not count towards texture samples?

It says I only have 8 textures samples.

does it really? check your LayerBlend node and add preview values above 0.0 to more layers than the first one. with this the material preview will match how it will be when those layers are painted