Please Help : Tips and tricks on crossplatform 3d game

Hi everyone,

Me and my team have this idea for a 3d game that would ship on both PC, console and mobile. We have somewhat good experience with shipping on PC and console, but little to none for mobile (iOS and Android), so tough job for us :sweat_smile:. I am the artists in my group so will be dealing with most things scalings of lighting, shadows, materials etc. While we start this project from scratch, Iā€™d like to reuse as many assets, workflows and settings as possible.
While I am still in the learning phase of this project i was hoping you could point me towards some out-of-the-box solutions and tricks for scaling my game for mobile and PC.

What are your go to tools and workflows for shipping crossplatform?
Your go to for scaling the graphics and configuration from low end to high end platforms?
Also what our team be afraid of lol

Literally anything you can share from your experience is greatly appreciated. And wish us good luck please :))