Please Help stuff is just deleting every time I open my game

Alright I have been working on a game for the past 3 months non stop and starting 3 days ago random things have just stopped working it started with a save game that I was working just getting deleted had to recreate and re implement it than woke up the next day and another save game just wasn’t working so I created a new slot for it to save and load in and that worked and now today my entire game mode the thing with upwards of just 100 hours of code in it just disappeared I don’t know what’s going on but it needs to stop and I need to fix it. The only things that I have done recently was I changed the location of the save games to be instead of the main content folder in its own save game folder I also have been going into the unreal project folder and been deleting the save games that I am not using so I could reset them in hind sight probably dumb I now remember that there’s a node for that but what should I do should I go back to a older save and than back that up and like get a new computer cause my computer has definitely seen better days

Another things is that the game mode is actually still in the folder for the game where it is supposed to be so I like don’t know what that’s happening either can I just like bring it back?

I am not sure what could be causing that. This USED to happen to me. ALOT. Now everytime I Save & close Unreal, I make a copy of the project folder and save a backup on a separate Hard drive.

Did you update Unreal Engine? Is your hard drive at capacity? Any Plugins that may be messing things up? Is This Source or binary?

@MindfieldsTech I have not switched versions no plugins and my c drive is at capacity but everything is run off of my D drive so I don’t know I have fixed the problem for now so I have the project working and I am gonna start taking extra precautions now making back ups and stuff

Yea it is a habit I learned to do YEARS ago! I used to work in photoshop and crashes used to leave me jaw dropped at corrupt files and lost work…

I am glad you managed to save the project and implemented a backup plan. Good Luck!