Please help, Simple Move to Location Help (I have googled and googled and youtubed)

Hello, I am relatively new to Unreal 4 and I have been googling and watching every video and write up on how to do a Simple Move to Location setup and I cannot figure it out.

My goal is this. I have an animated Actor i bought from the marketplace and I simply want it to slowly move to another location once the “player” steps within a trigger box. I have been able to have all sorts of events happen when the user enters the trigger box (start sounds, begin animations, change lights, etc), but I cannot for the life of me figure out how to move this Actor from point A to point B when the player Overlaps the trigger box.

If someone could please make me a short little example of a standard actor moving to another location (smoothly) after the player overlaps a trigger, I would be so thankful. Even a good BluePrint example would be so helpful. I promise I have been looking and looking, and I have tried to copy their process down to the T, but nothing happens. The NavMesh is all green and the target points are referenced.

I am not sure why this is, but I have a few hunches. 1. These animated actors i bought from the marketplace are not pawns? 2. How do I make them pawns? 3. How do I assign the AIController to them?

Starting to lose hope. :frowning: