Please Help me with this first problem.

  1. how can I exposed this blueprints components on that panel? as of now when I tried to change or swap this base and top of column I always need to select them one by one then go to Static Mesh to change which is cumbersome

  2. How can I rotate 90° on Z axis only when I move the object? I wanted to create a level which at least looks randomize by rotating 90° because the four sides of this column will be different is that possible if yes can you please share some knowledge?

thank you so much guys, maybe this is only the first two problem and question I will request.


@royoroyoroyor 1. Make the BP variable visible.

  1. I’m assuming you have the pillar in a BP, so for it to automatically rotate when you position them, you would need to do that in the construction script. Try AddLocalRotation.