Please Help is there some way on unreal or other way to download peoples Projects

Please Help I need to know if there’s a posible way to download other’s peoples Projects ( i looking for a small game like jump through opstacles type of any game or any game to be exact its for a school project that am working and i need a game can anyone please help out thanks

the version of the game has to be 4.14

There are plenty of free example projects that you can download. Just open the launcher, click on the Learn section and scroll down to the Game Concepts and Game categories, and you can choose any version of the Engine for any of those projects

Hi RobGoneMad,

You could ask on the forums at Additionally, there are a few game examples on the Unreal Engine Marketplace. You can find them here:

Thanks man a big help , but on question are the games from people or just games on the engine itself