Please help I cant get it to work

Hi All

First I am sorry I know there is a ton of these importing and animation rigging problems in the forum’s I went through a bunch of them and none of them are a match for my issue.

I am self-taught everything I know about game creation is self-taught don’t get me wrong “I AM NOT LOOKING FOR SOMEONE TO HOLD MY HAND or SOMEONE TO BUG ALL THE TIME” as I know most people are to busy and I am not looking for a free education in game development. But I have hit a snag that I am not sure how to fix it. I am trying to use one of two programs to make a generic skeleton mesh model and then I want to place the mesh. I then want to import them into Unreal 4 but there is somthing wrong with the bones every time I try to import it says Incorrect bones so I tell it to go ahead and make new ones when prompted. Then I open on the skeleton i just imported in Persona the Animation tool in unreal and I retarget the bones and still nothing works.

Autodesk Character Generator Latest Version
Makehuman 1.1.0

TUTORIALS I HAVE USED TO FIGURE THIS OUT Skeleton Assets: Overview | 01 | v4.8 Tutorial Series | Unreal Engine - YouTube

The Doc’s I have used

I have included the fbx file generated from Makehuman and Autodesk Character Generator So you can see the issues first hand if you are able to figure it out please let me know either way. Also if there is ever anything I can do to help anyone contact me Private Messege or email. I don’t mind doing repettive taks to help someone develop there game I just want the experiance to be able to help and learn.



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Steam =pkstomper