Please Help - Getting a Player State BP from Server

I have a BP called PState, of type playerstate, set as my level’s playerstate, and containing one array. From the server instance, in my gamestate BP, I am getting the player array. I loop through, but how can I access the array in my playerstate for each instance? (it doesn’t have that option)

You should make use of cast nodes.

Each reference in your loop iteration should be casted to your custom player state, then you can make use of all variables and methods that are accessible from this class.

I’m sorry (again) for asking so many questions. :slight_smile: I just want to learn. Fortunately, I did get it working with a very different system. Now, on day 4, I have a working chat, player count, health system, fall damage, and a bunch of other things to act as the foundation for my game.

Also, since this was for chat, that method was inevitably doomed to fail, as I soon found out. (I discovered this before you responded)