Please Help - Dino Settings Potential

Hey there,

Could someone help me out? I made my custom Carno and he’s working fine, I just have one issue. I modified his health and stamina … and in order to get his full stats or potential, I need to restart my session to see them applied.

When I test it in the Dev Kit, I’m unable to replicate the above scenario, whereby I can’t figure out why this is happening as it keeps the stats from before the restart.

The things I’ve tried so far are,

  • Copied a Carno BP and edited it
  • Created a child Carno with it’s own ‘DinoStatusComponent’ and giving it prio 2
  • Created a Carno from with the parent reference at ‘Dino Character BP’

I’ve run out of ideas, hopefully you guys know the answer and are willing to help me out! :slight_smile:

Kind regards,