Please help..Andriod publishing and admob intergration. (ue4.27)

What is the chance someone in here would be able to help me with uploading my game to google play and getting admob ads to work? The whole project is just blueprint so i am wondering if i actually do need to a c++ code also to get it working properly. i have admob test banners working but the interstital test ad i put on gameover screen wont work. I also recently followed a video of a german guy showing how to do it but then he said to open a new c++ class and add 2 lines of code, so i did that and saved an closed it and went back to unreal to package and it has an error saying its missing the ue4game binary.,… I have no c++ experiance as you can probably tell but i did manage to make a pertty cool little game for my first game just using the blueprint coding system and would love some help to get it published.

. … . . Just trying to follow my dreams. … . .