Please help `Accessed None trying to read property error`

I keep running into a Accessed None trying to read property error. I’m trying to use the Advance Steam Session Plugin to install a multiplayer feature in my game but this error stops me from hosting a match.
[Photos of the error and the blueprint where the error is happing]

It’s because RefMainMenuPC is not assigned to anything…

I’m confused, I have it assigned to Main Menu Controller

[Full Screenshot 4 main menu widget]

This is what I have in my Menu Player Controller if it helps (below)

You want to check something before it gets created?


I went ahead and fixed that, thanks for pointing it out lol. Doing this at 3AM can really make you not think straight

This doesn’t make sense either, you are telling it to loop if it fails… but it will loop executing same commands it did when it failed.