Please fix the editor memory issues(leak or poor "GC" control?)

I can reproduce this over and over again in my project that I’m working on. I do as follows to quickly “overload” my ram:

Note: I don’t get any errors when packaging/cooking

  1. Open my project and do nothing: Editor memory will sit around 1.2gb
  2. Select, but not open, a fairly complex blueprint of mine
  3. Right click it and open the reference viewer
  4. Set the sliders all the way to their maximums: Editor memory will instantly jump to around 2.5gb
  5. Set them back to normal and close out of it
  6. Sit around for a length of time, the ram count doesn’t drop at all
  7. Hit play in viewport, screw around for a second and hit escape: Editor memory will drop to around 2gb
  8. Now for the rest of the time I am in the editor, it will sit no lower than 2gb

I can repeat this over and over again.

So on top of that issue, blueprints seem to slowly memory leak until they spill over into the page file; at which point, everything starts crawling because of HDD thrash. It seems to be that every time compile is hit, it adds a bit to the memory. I mean the memory will go up and down over time, naturally, but the overall trend is that it fills up more than it drains. I end up having to restart the editor really frequently and have to watch my memory to make sure it doesn’t spill over into the page file because if it does, it will take ages to close/restart the editor and such. It’s gotten to the point where no joke, I absolutely avoid loading my player character BP if I can…

Basically, it seems like the editor doesn’t purge old stuff out frequently enough or something along those lines. With the blueprints, it almost feels like any time you move something or make a change or add something new, it’s constantly taking snapshots of every single node, in the BP, and remembering it ALL for things like undo history maybe? A friend of mine has a PC with 32gb of ram and has these exact same issues all the time as well.

To sum it up: UE does not respect your ram and is extremely inefficient and managing “garbage collection” (for lack of a better term).

Hi IronicParadox.

Could you please follow the link in my signature to post a bug report on the UE4 Answerhub?


Yeah, sure thing. I will just copy/paste it over.