Please Fix Project Load Crashing

I have been running into an issue lately where I do something in blueprint and the next time I try and open my project it crashes before load every time.

Sure, I can go to the autosave and try to retrace my steps back to the problem, but it would be much better if the project still loaded and allowed me to fix my mistake. I will say that the problem I am facing right now doesn’t crash me in the editor, it only crashes on project load. This means that if I spent a significant amount of time in the editor, then the autosaves could all become the current corrupted version and fixing the issue would become much more difficult. I do backup to the cloud every so often, but still…

If the thing wants to crash, instead of stopping in it’s tracks, maybe it could identify the problem blueprint, sideline it from compiling or whatever on load, and then inform the user what happened and the fact that they need to fix something in that BP.

Hi Zeustiak,

Please post this on the answerhub at for further assistance. On your answerhub post please provide your crash log. If you know which asset is causing the problem, providing that may help us to determine what is going on. Thank you!

Here are the 2 posts I had on the answerhub. I cleared the issue but never really figured out the exact cause. If you have any insights please let me know!