Please ensure your character is properly rigged to the Epic Skeleton


I recorded a video of how I re-unpack the project - I open it, and everything looks fine for me: Warhound - YouTube

Warhound_walk_issue this is how the variant with an error looks like that the marketplace test had

Perhaps due to the fact that today is a day off, they will not answer me how they have such a problem, but I do not and I do not know what to do. can you tell me?

it’s all about the position of the hands, you need my character’s hands to be raised higher than that of the mannequin. When I made them hands at the same stage as the main pose, everything was ok. (It’s a pity, of course, that no one answered.)

Generally, just use the epic skeleton pose.

In a 3dcc
Bring in an epic mannequin (scale if appropriate), modify your bones to best match the pose of the mannequin.
Convert the pose to the rest pose, and export your skeleton out.
Should then just be 100% retargeting capable.