PLEASE DISABLE "wiki articles" descriptions of a BASIC node....(for the love of god, please!)

So you can either disable 100% of tooltips, even the menu, literally every single tooltip in the whole editor…OR you will have to read through screen filling ARTICLES describing a node, that you will know what it is the first time you use the editor.
While it blocks all your blueprint nodes…

This is extremely…do i even have to explain?
When I just want to move a node, i get a huge wikipage describing what it does, i just want to move it…come on devs ffs!

Look at the screenshot, i want to move this node (add movement input) to the left to its tidy…well i cannot see a bloody thing…is this a joke, i dont think its funny.


  • ENABLE tooltips on MENU
  • DISABLE tooltips on anything else
  • Show tooltip only on CTRL+ALT

It blows my mind, the editor treats you like you are either, a complete ■■■■■■ using the editor for the first time, OR you know exactly literally 100% of the innerworkings of everything in this editor.

Menus, nodes, variables, its all treated the same, it blows my mind how in competent this application is, really.

And yes i know about the “console command: toggle tooltips”, which isnt even a button…its 2020, i’ve worked with better editors in 1990…

Hello -

Unfortunately UE4 in general (and the BP editor in particular) is loaded with such “good bad ideas”. Another similar one is the way the text bubble of comment nodes doesn’t scale down when zooming out, which does the opposite of what it is trying to achieve (as it makes things completely unreadable). That’s easy to turn off by simply disabling the bubble in regular BPs, but the option is absent from materials BPs. And so on.

I don’t believe that these will get adressed any time soon, so IMHO to the best solution for one’s sanity is to just keep a little doc somewhere with all the instructions on how to turn off that kind of things. Tooltips off, blueprint graph snap off, and so on. There is probably no dedicated UX expert in charge of these things on the dev team so I don’t think it is worth hoping for a fix as these things have remained unchanged for years now.

The moment you drag a actor variable into the graph.
This is literally the ultimate form of torture.
Its like im using some trial version of the UE, just to annoy you.
If this variable was at the top of the list, it would fill almost 80% of the screen.
Wow, just…wow.

Anyone who doesnt know what an actor is shouldnt even be using the editor, and yet it shows you every single time…
While a boolean is just “this is boolean”, oh really?

Is there a way to update a file that contains this information, like a language pack and remove all this crap?