Please clarify what & how to make this blueprint object in Behavior Tree Quick Start Guide #9

Hello and thank you for taking the time to read my post.

I’m totally new to UE so I’m currently following the Behavior Tree Quick Start Guide. I’ve been figuring out things on my own from what I can find in the quick start guide and it’s pretty readable, but as useful as the guide is… it doesn’t exactly tell me everything I need (like the DesiredObjectTypes is an array - this guide never mentioned what that 3x3 green-ish symbol meant and how to turn a variable into an array - or that UE will complain about variables until you compile).

I’ve come to a giant bump though: on step 9. Make a Service I’ve almost completed the blueprint after figuring out how to get things on the map except what I’ve circled in the image I’ve uploaded. It doesn’t have a title or any sort of name indication from what I see.

I would Google or do a search on this site for said topic, but I don’t exactly know what keywords I should use. Can someone explain what it is and how I can get it into my blueprint?

Actually for 3x3 symbol or any such thing, dragging it out will give you the option to make a variable out of it. You can use that to check what it is in the future. Or just hovering your mouse cursor over it, will give the details as well. As for the red marked area, I suppose they’re just using the ‘equal to’ node for checking whether the hit actor from both cases, refer to the same actor in the level. The output returns if they’re the same or not in the form of a bool value, which is use for a conditional check in the next step.

Thanks for the tip. I would have never known it was an ‘equal to’ node. Idk if it’s obvious to others, but the object was archaic to me until you gave me the label for it.