playing / editing video always causes crash / win32 exception


I did the manual from Unreal to play a Video in a Level. It doesnt work. I did it my way via Blueprint. It doesnt work. And I just imported the Video and played it, but always the same, Unreal 4.15.1 crases immediately with (the number ###] varies)


Sometimes I am able to attach the Video as a Video Texture, delivered when including the Media Player, to some plane or Spheres (for 360 degrees) and later play the level in VR-Preview or any different mode.

But even when I import the sample.mp4 from the link above, and play it in the mediaPlayer, so that I can double clickt the video Texture to directly see what is happening, as soon as I click on some of the “adjustmend” tools, unreal crashes!

Right now I opend a new Project, did it like in the manual from the link above with the sample.mp4 from Unreal-Documentation, unreal crashes directly after press play button.

What is happening there?

Is there a Log file?

Best Regards,

help me :DD