Playing a Hit and a Whiff Sound

So let’s say my character throws punches, and when I reach a certain point of the animation (through an Anim Notify) I want a sound to play, if he hasn’t hit an enemy, a whiff sound, if he hits an enemy, a hit sound, sounds simple right?

The problem arises on where to put this logic, when I reach a certain part of the animation, I activate the left hand (or right hand, depending on the animation), after that, I check to see if it’s overlapping the enemy, if it is, then I activate a variable which is then verified to see if it’s on, if it’s on, it should play the hit sound, if not, the whiff sound.

The problem is that this bring a load of collision and sound problems, because sometimes it registers a hit, and sometimes it doesn’t, as seen below.



Right Hand Not Working -
Collision Problem -

The solution I had before this was playing the sound on the enemy’s BP (because there I can be sure it was hit), but the problem would be that both the whiff sound and the hit sound would play at the same time, and that defeats the purpose of what I want to do.

Could anyone help me out please? I’ve had my head on this one for awhile now.

Bumping this up, I’ve been searching and haven’t found much on an issue like this, leaves me a bit surprised.

EDIT - Maybe this should be up in the ‘Audio’ section?