PlayerStart Spawning outside level or going through collisions

HI ,

Ok, So I’m getting fimiliar with UE4 and following a couple of tutorials. I’ve setup a basic level just to get things started and I’m having problems with spawning my player. Basically, it either spawns outside the level if I place the **PlayerStart **on the platform. If I place my **PlayerStart **in the middle of the level, it will just go through the collisions.

So this is what I have:

  • I’m using Paper2D
  • I’ve tried leaving the collisions on the sprites and removing them (in the sprite editor)… same result.
  • I’ve setup my level making sure no sprites are interfering with the PlayerStart.
  • I’ve added collision boxes in my level making sure that they place at 0.0 on the Y axis. (the **PlayerStart **is set at 0.0 on Y axis as well)
  • I’ve tried putting the Collision Presets to **InvisibleWall **or BlockAll… same result.
  • None of the collision boxes are touching each other.
  • I’ve changed the **DefaultPawnClass **to reflect the one I created and I also the **GameMode **as well to an empty one.

See screenshot (Red Arrow shows where the player actually spawns)

So why is my player not spawning properly and why are the collisions not working?


I ended up re-installing UE4… now everything works. Must of been one of those "corrupt installation"moment. :wink: