PlayerStart is underneath my level when I launch editor

Hi guys This is my first post in the forum and I’m just seeking some guidance on a small issue that as come up within my vr project.

So every thing is working fine in terms of code or I think it is no complier issues, I have spawned vr hands I have a gun mechanic that works with reload and bullet count even got some basic zombie ai working for a first attempt but I got a bit greedy and decided to try and add locomotion to the project and this is were I have started to have issues.

I have built this project from scratch so no vr template and have been working around the first person template.

I was follow a youtube tutorial on thumbstick locomotion for archviz and their was a point when the author states that you should switch the parent class from pawn to character.
Well in my project the parent class was and is actor, in the video his parent class is pawn so I decided to switch and follow.

I’m slight new to all this as well so forgive me.

So I have followed along and got some kind of locomotion working but then was unable to interact with any of my objects like gun ammo box etc.

then when I decided to change my parent class back to actor and launch the editor I get this.

I am underneath my level illustrated in the Video below I thought I would attach the project working so you can see then the issue. - simple game play. - basic Ai Test - ai was sliding with each step got it fixed. - The Issue.
If someone form the community could help a newbie like my self I would be most grateful.
many kind thanks el.