PlayerStart - Default Spectator Spawn


I’ve been trying to spawn my Default Spectator Pawn in a specific Player Start inside the level while the Gamestate is “Waiting to Start”. While in this state, the players only access a Lobby screen, with just the mouse input.
My idea is to have this spectator pawn giving the overall vision of the level and, in a future implementation, move along a spline to remember the (g)old Unreal cinematic camera in the main menu.

To achieve this, I’ve tried setting the default Spectator Class transform to the Player Start location and rotation in the PostLogin. As result, it is actually spawning at the specific player start location but is not rotating as it should. The Pawn’s rotation is always 0,0,0 (facing the horizon, in my case).

After that, came to me the idea to create a child of the SpectatorPawn class and, at the Begin Play, set it’s transform to the specific Player Start’s transform. That time, the rotation is randomly working fine o.o
Sometimes I recompile the project, save, play and it works fine. So I close and hit Play again (without changing anything of the project) and it rotates to 0,0,0 again.

This is odd because the “SetActorTransform” node is always returning true, as it is printed on the screen…

I’m pretty sure there’s a less complicated way to do this implementation and, to be honest, I’m not here to find a bug in the editor or something, so I’m asking if there’s a less complicated way to implement this Free Cam that can move along a spline that can be spawned in a point of the map :).

I’m looking to do something similar. To start a static spectator camera that is shared by spectators. With menu overlay to pick teams.

Bump for any info.

Came across this going to toy with this idea with replication.