Playermesh turns invisible if I attach It to a socket (multiplayer)


currently I’m tring to figure out why a Character Mesh turns invisible If I attach It to an other players Mesh Socket.

Some Background Information:

I want to make It possible to carry other players, which works so far and in 80% of the cases without any issue.

  • The Movment Component is set to Movementmode none while the player is carried
  • The Capsule Component of the other players Pawn is attached to the Socket of ‘my’ player, I already tried ‘AtttachActorToComponent’

This works in about 80% the cases without any problem but Sometimes the Mesh of the other player turns invisible, all the other suff like collisions are working, even the Animation_BP is running (the Footprints are corrently casted by it) just the mesh is invisible.

Also strange: this only happens for the player who piks up the other player. The view for the carried player is perfecky fine…

does Someone have some experience with such problems? what ca cause the invisibility?