PlayerController - some questions (Mouse)

I try to figure out how to working with mouse.
Take a look.
First implement ‘Level’ BP.
And some img with mouse over on chair.
This i use one a chair reference. But i want to working with other chairs.


  1. How i can do it ?

Then i implement ‘Class’ BP. ( and maybe its answer to my first question)
And some img with mouse over on chair.
and i can work with chairs.


  1. Is it normal what all chairs will have end Over/End mouse evens ?
  2. How i can implement with BP

public void MouseOverEvent(some params)
   case Chair:

It’s absolutely abstract code , do not try to find type of language :slight_smile:


its not fully clear what you are asking.
By the way,
its not normal use mouse_over/end on multiple chairs and fill all the blueprint everytime.

You have to build up a blueprint to CHECK what is under your mouse, and IF it is a CHAIR , then CAST TO that chair to make some action.
The main node to do this is GET HIT UNDER CURSOS B CHANNEL , but there are many.
Then you can break the output of hit , by right mouse and choose break, inside you will find all the info of the hit, location ,mesh and actor , and class.