I have a very good understanding of programming and the logic of sorts. However I find BP way more efficient in time, (maybe not performance)
I’ve set up multiple games using a pre-set character BP sheet. However, I would like to experiment with multiplayer.

I would love to have players choose a character preset and spawn in a game to play with other players using a listening server

It seems like the best way to accomplish this is create a playercontroller bp, something I haven’t done before.

I have a few questions
How would I go about doing this? I’ve created a gamemode, and assigned the default playercontroller to a new BP I’ve created named playercontrollermp.
Someone please explain auto-receive input or post a link, because I notice the player wont have control of anything unless it’s set to player0, player1 or etc. However, if I set a certain playercontroller to auto-receive input from player0, doesn’t that mean the next player who joins won’t have a player controller?

Thank you.