PlayerCameraManager location incorrect when using a dedicated server

I am using the PlayerCameraManager’s location and rotation in a VR game I’m working on. When running the game locally everything is fine, the PlayerCameraManager follow my HMD’s location and rotation. But when I run using a dedicated server the PlayerCameraManager’s location stays where my camera Actor is, not where the HMD is. This happens both on the server and on the client. Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong here?

That sounds correct. Only your actors base location will be replicated.

You would have to make some functions to replicate the relative movement of any other attached actors etc. At a guess…

It doesn’t seem that the problem is in replication since the PlayerCameraManager is in the wrong location on both client and server. If it was right in one then I could replicate it to the other easily but it isn’t in the right location on either instances.

Hello, have you found any solution yet? Im having hard problems with dedicated server option too, it getting me wrong locations too…

I have not tried doing this with PlayerCamera in particular , but in general (like with motion controllers) there is no built in networking functionality to send updated information from the client back to the server (mainly cause networking can get really hairy and how do you trust/validate information being sent to server).

This is a known limitation, its really easy to work around. Get the location of the camera / motion controllers locally (on client), send the transform to the server, and have the server replicate the transform and update all the clients representation of the HMD/MotionControllers.