Player State in local turn based game

Hi, I have a dilemma about using player state in my game. If you have two players playing in turns, like: darts, bowling, or pool, does it make sense to use player state object? I could “cram it all” in the game state object. It wouldn’t be pretty, but I think I coud make it work :slight_smile:

Is there a preferred/recommended way of going about this?


You may just use both, the player state will hold all data related to the player and the game state to the game itself. For example in a card game the player state would hold the cards for each player while the game state would hold the cards available on the table and a variable to tell which players turn it is right now. The player state in the card example would also just replicate only the owner the hand of the player, so you get store and replicate what you need.