Player start/teleport issue

Hello fellas, I’ve been wrapping my mind around this for a week now and the deadline is coming in, but still I do not have a solution. I do not need much at all and I will try to be as short as possible.
I am making a map for architecture-stuff with VR implementation. Everything map related is finished and I just need to implement VR now, that is where I got stuck. Since I only have the glasses and the sensor the idea is for the player not be able to move on his own, but instead look around from a position. Then after, lets say 30 sec, he would be automatically transferred to another position to look around for another 30 sec (see the picture below)

Like shown in the picture above, the idea is for a player/camera to spawn at pos 1 and after certain period of time to move to position 2 then position 3, after that just reset everything and start over. It is simple but at the moment undoable for me because I barely have any experience with unreal engine.
I am running low on time and do not know what to do, any help would be much appreciated! Thanks in advance!