Player Possessing Previously Deleted Pawn

Game always starts with the player possessing a previously deleted pawn. No gamemode. No default pawn class. I’m using the ALS (integrated) pawn, so simply adding the pawn to the level normally works fine. I’ve never had this issue before.

If I add a another pawn and explicitly possess that new pawn, the previously deleted pawn is still visible in the level. If I don’t explicitly possess the new pawn, the previously deleted pawn is possessed.

There are no references that I can see to the deleted pawn. I also deleted some Asset Registry files, but that had no effect.

I fixed my own problem.

Somehow a character pawn had been added to a sublevel that was very far from the area I was working on. So that sublevel was only getting loaded on Play, not in the editor.

I loaded all levels, found the extra pawn, and deleted it.

Strange that the pawn getting possessed was in a sublevel, whereas the intended pawn was in the Persistent level.

Maybe the last pawn loaded is the pawn that get possessed?