Player not spawning properly

So in one of my levels, I don’t have a player start, but I have dragged my ThirdPersonCharacter blueprint onto the screen, and whenever I run the game, thats where I spawn.

However, I tried to replicate this on the next level and I can’t achieve the same effect. Does anyone know why? Just to clarify I don’t want to use a player start to spawn in, I want to spawn in where ever I have placed the skeletal mesh of my character. On the second level, when I run the game it just spawns me where the editor camera is, and it just spawns my skeletal mesh that I placed seperately.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, Thanks.

Nvm i literally just figured it out. For anyone else who wants to know the fix, click on your character in the world, then on the details tab on the right go to auto possess player and set it to player 0.