Player not spawning at PlayerStart Unless I hit the Posess Button

I am following through on that Twin Stick Shooter tutorial for v4.8
All of the sudden my player start won’t work in the editor.
I checked all my blueprints they looked correct. When I Launch the Game on The PC
everything works fine the player starts at the right place.

But when I try to play it in the editor it only will spawn a player character
if I hit the posess button any idea what is causing this?

(This doesn’t happen if I launch at on my PC)

Do you probably launch your game in the “simulation” mode instead of the “play”? :slight_smile:

Thanks, That was exactly what it was.
I didn’t realize that clicking it again was not the way to uncheck it
I set it back to PIE now everything is fine

THANK YOU!!! :slight_smile: