player not moving when is hit with an object

So I have created a wrecking ball which swings and when the player is in the way it just hits the player and stops.

How would i simulate the ball hitting the player and the player going flying? any help would be appreciated.

I wasn’t sure if there was a physics setting to allow my player to be hit be thrown.

Even if you get that working, and it should because vehicles can and do push players about, it will rarely look right.
The wrecking ball is likely to be too lightweight at a guess, like being shoulder-brushed at a concert or by a cyclist.
So most likely you’ll need to launch the player or use dedicated nodes i.e. Add Force / Add Impulse / Add Velocity…
Videogame engines aren’t all that realistic out of the box, you have to guide the code there with the results you want.
It makes sense if you think about it, as some games need a ‘cartoon’ like-effect, while others want simulation quality.

Very true thank you. I think il use a impulse.