Player isn't touching the ground?

So I’m just a beginner following a tutorial just to get an idea of what UE is like, and Im just trying to make a 2d game where the character has a playerstart and would land on the platform i made. However, it’s not fully touching, and despite all my efforts, it wouldnt work. I have tried it just with the actual character blueprints, and it works. I think the error is that the CapsuleComponent of the PlayerStart is too big, and I need to edit it. however, even though i opened up the C++ file that contains this information, I still can’t tell how to edit it, and can’t find a solution. Here are some screenshots to show what I’m trying to do:

as you can see, the character is slightly above the map, and I cant seem to fix it in any way. I’m just really confused as to why its behaving like that, and it would be really helpful if you can give me ideas as to why. If you need any other information, I would be glad to share it with you.

Not familiar with 2D but open up the character blueprint and slightly drag down the sprite. That should work, at least it’s like that in 3D.

well, I found the solution, and turns out I severely overthought it. Turns out moving the sprite down didn’t work because the camera was way to close which caused the camera to move behind the background as rotation caused the camera to switch positions, so all I had to do was to move the camera back further so it could still show the background and allow the character to move down. Thanks for helping me realize the issue was way easier than I thought it was.

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