Player Input Bound To FPS

In my game the pawns movement is locked to the FPS, e.g 120 is perfect, 30 is slooow, and 200 is too fast. I was wondering if it is possible to “Unbind” the movement either in the settings or in a node. Thanks in advance!

Movement definitely shouldn’t vary based on the FPS. Any movement calculation should be multiplying with deltaTime so it’s independent of frame rate.

I have the movement Controlled by an input axis which is why I’m confused that its bound by Frame rate. Would I still have to multiply it by deltaTime?

Input axes are not pre-multiplied by delta time; if that’s what you’re asking. For pawn movement, you don’t need to, but for custom movement or anything driving velocity or set/add transforms, you should multiply by delta time.

Ok, thanks!

I just did a test with the frame rate and found out that the frames only affect the pawn if I use Pawn Movement or Add Actor World Offset. If I use any physics movement like Add Force it is not affected by frames. Is there any node that I can use that is not physics based but while not alter when frame rate alters? Thanks you all for your help!