Player going to the sky, physics

I have this prop floating in the air moving via a defined path. The player can jump on it and walk around on it, but when the player jump from the prop/object or tries to walk down from edge, it throws the player/character way up in the air.

Just a little bump, please.

You may post more information about the issue, for instance, is the character from the character class?, and, the floating platform is simulating physics?


There’s a million ways to do this, and even more ways to screw it up. :stuck_out_tongue: For starters, there was a thread recently that specifically dealt with characters-on-a-moving-platform, so have a search for that first. I know myself having done a lot of this in UDK, if you can ‘glue your character’ to the platform (effectively making the character and platform one), it makes life far easier than risk having them ‘fight’ each other afterwards, especially if Physics is involved.

You can still let the Character move about or jump… Often the trick to achieving this, is to manually override the way these abilities are handled by default. So for example, you might end up ‘faking movement anims’ and just ‘translating the character’ manually. You could also look into one of the many Gravity templates floating around the forums too etc. As you can see there is no one size fits all solution here, and if multiplayer is involved things are going to get even more colorful… :stuck_out_tongue: