Player doesn't leave server with DestroySession node.

Hi there everyone.
I am preparing a multiplayer game template for marketplace with menu/lobby/gameplay and everything related for multiplayer gaming. (mostly mass effect’s multiplayer features cuz I am a fan :smiley: )

I was preparing a kick feature in lobby (vote for clients, instakick for server) and this so called DestroySession isn’t working at all.
Yes, OpenLevel will open a level in client side (if called from client side) and that client will connect to client sided map. (Such as MainMenuMap)
And as a result of player’s new connection to client sided map, player will disconnect from the server (session).
I can use OpenLevel function with an OnOwningClient Event to simulate kicking from server.
But… Is there a chance for a hacker to bypass that OpenLevel function which will be called on client?
I was planning to use kicking feature on GameMode (Server only class) so clients can’t bypass it.

(GameMode class)

OpenLevel function can be called via Event End Play for sending player from TransitionMap to MainMenuMap.