Player doesn´t move correctly through first-person ue-template


i build my first level in ue4 with static meshes and “collision complexity: use complex collision as simple” for the static meshes.

this works fine, but when my character moves into smaller rooms, sometimes the player “crashes”,
and i can´t move him any more.

so i have to restart the game…

what am i doing wrong?
is there an minimum size for rooms, so that the player can run through every room correctly
or is the collision not ok in this case?

thank you very much for an answer :slight_smile:


The room should always be bigger than the character collision capsule. Which kind of meshes do you use? e.g I made a tower with stones on the floor and then I used “use complex as…” Those small stones caused the character to stuck :slight_smile:

hi ,

thanks for your answer!

i´m using static meshes (made in maya) for my rooms, which are leaned on to the real world measurement.
the rooms are sometimes a little bit small (even the doors) like in the reality, so i couldn´t walk inside these rooms.

is it an ability to change the standart height and width of the character (or the collision capsule) to get an better result for using these real world measurement?
otherwise i must change these measurements, which seems sometimes a little bit “strange” in realtion to the whole environment. :slight_smile:


Yes, you can just make the collision capsule smaller :slight_smile:

thanks a lot :slight_smile: