Player Death... Lights and Blueprint

Okay, so I see in the Blueprint Examples and I understand basically how a light can be connected to an alarm…but is there a specific way to connect the lighting so it effects the character itself (does damage) as if it were really hot or draining the characters life like the red sunlight and superman? I am going to keep trying but any advice would be greatly appreciated…I promise to share what I learn here as well. Thanks in advance!

There could be a number of ways to do it. You could attach some sort of collision to the light and interact with the player when they’re overlapping that cylinder and the light is on. You could cast a ray from the light in the driection it’s facing and do a thing to the player if the ray hits them. I could probably think of a few other methods…

Actually, I was asking moreso about how to functionally create the effect using Blueprint.

I’ve done something similar with blueprints and particles. Create a particle system with a normal, non-gpu emitter, and add a light element. Set the lifetime of the particle system to 1 second more than you want the light effect to display, add a scale over life, or color over life and set it to effectively fade out a second before your particle emitter decays, so the emitter doesn’t end before the animation takes place. Set the loop to 1, and destroy / kill the emitter once completed.

For damage, you could set up a delayed function that detects collision every X amount of seconds, and if the player is still colliding, apply damage.