Player controller

Hello. Whats the differnece between setting up SetupPlayerInputComponent in Pawn class and from using separate PlayerController class? And is there any difference with playercontroller for Pawn class and Character class?

I did separate class and it indeed takes input (i put messagebox to pop when the command is received and it shows up) but it seems like it does not transfer the commands to the character (charcter should move to the hit location, or change camera rotation). I got everything set in gamemode

PlayerControllerClass = ASUMPlayerController::StaticClass();
DefaultPawnClass = ASUMCharacter::StaticClass();

Thats the character.cpp
And thats PlayerController.cpp

What am i doing wrong?

Hey, it might be that the playercontroller consume the input ?

What do you mean? As you see in the code, playercontroller should move my pawn or change the camera thing and it does not do that. The functions bound with the BindAction method are called so im kinda confused