Player Controller Assignment to Character

So I have two characters, a VR Pawn Character set to “Auto Possess Player” = Player 0, and a FPS Character set to “Auto Possess Player” = Player 1. The VR Pawn is working fine and loads as the SERVER controller. But FPS Character is not loading into CLIENT 1. Screenshot below. What am I missing?


Is this meant to be local/splitscreen or across network?

I hope so, otherwise he totally misunderstood the PlayerController Index.

That one only works for local players. If it’s over network, you need to Spawn the Pawn in the “OnPostLogin” Event of the GameMode and posses it there
with the incoming PlayerController.

This is meant to be Across Network. Computer One is Host, and Computer Two is Client.

eXi, This is the first I’ve heard of “OnPostLogin” as I am new to setting up network gaming. I have yet to find a tutorial or solution simply setup Character A on Computer One to spawn on “Player Start” 1, and Character B on Computer Two to spawn on “Player Start” 2. Any solution?