Player Controller and a Pawn

So far, I have been working with Unreal Engine day and night for the past 7 weeks minus the last week and a half due to college and me and my buddy are working on a game so I started a new project, but this time I am going to be using a player controller blueprint to control the pawn instead of controlling the pawn using the pawn blueprint, which is what I did before. However, I have no clue how the player controller works.
I have searched for player controller to control pawns but haven’t found anything useful yet.

Can someone give me some place to start, in order to learn more about player controllers and how they work? Or push me in the right direction regarding, how to control a pawn with a player controller?

I realized I was asking a dumb question. I did not understand what the player controllers intended uses are. Here is a link where I found my answer.