Player Building System Help!

I know there is already a post about this. I actually used a lot of the information provided in that post to help me make the system I am using right now. I cant figure out the next part though. Right now I can Spawn a “Foundation” which is a BP based off my BuildingBase BP. My hierarchy is Actor/ObjectBase/InteractableBase/BuildingBase/Building Piece(Foundation,Pillar,Wall,etc.) Im not sure if I needed all those parent/child BPs but makes sense for Interaction. I can spawn the “Foundation” at location of my line trace for WorldStatic from my Pawn with the Material set as a glass for my indicator where MyPlayer will put down the “Foundation”. Every Click MyPlayer updates position of that indicator.Then Left Click to change Material to constructed material and place in location from my line trace. Now I want to be able to make my next piece snap in place to the first piece I laid down on either side if its a “Foundation” piece or put “Pillar” piece on one of the four corners on my “Foundation”. I would first need the indicator to snap to the spawned piece then build in place. Thanks for any help you can give me. I hope all this made sense. If there is an easier way Im down to scrap the whole thing. Thanks again!!!

Well, i did this and its on the Trello soon. I can just say, as i did in some other posts, its easier than you think with the snaping part. I tortured my brain to get it working that way :S

Yeah the tips you gave have helped tremendously! I will for sure be buying your BP off Marketplace when it goes up. I got so far this weekend and hit a roadblock at the snapping part.