Player adding instance is off by a lot frome linetrace

I’ve made some blocky terrain and I what the player to be able to build on it so I’m trying to add an instance but the coordinates are off by a lot and I have no idea why both the player and terrain say I clicked in the same location but the instance is spawning off by 1000 degrees on the x-axis and 100 on the Y but when I spawn an actor its right on target of line trace

the image shows where I clicked to place the instance hince the line trace but the instance is the blocks spawning way out over the void

It looks like a problem with your code, can we see that?

hers how it looks

Hi, did you convert the transform where you want to spawn the instance from world space to relative to the instanced static mesh component? If not try “Add Instance World Space” instead of “Add Instance”.

Thanks for the pics. Still very hard to tell what you have going on there exactly, but I’d say put the instance at the trace hit point first and work out from there. I think you have something going wrong after you transform that point…