player + actor to botch affect switch. if player is not on swith but actor is, affect switch.

So what am i blabbing about?

I wanna make the button in alice madness returns. The button that triggers enviromental actors when stepped on. and when player drops actor ( clockworkbomb) the button is activated till the actor is no more.

I have tried using tags, booleans, 2 triggers 1 for the player and 1 for the bomb. No effect at all.

What i do get is either the bomb that affects the button, or its the player that affects the bomb. I can never have both affecting the button.

So i have tried several ways on doing this, and i cant get it going.

What i want to happen is this:

  • Player on switch = switch activated
  • Actor on Switch = Switch Activated
  • Player + Actor on switch = switch activated
  • If player moves off switch but actor is still on= switch activated
  • If player moves off switch And there is no actor on switch= switch not activated
  • Nothing on switch = switch not activated

i have been trying to set this up in so many different ways but im not getting it.

But what always happens is this, Button responds to player Or Button responds to actor. Never both.

I hope theres a nice soul to help a guy out.

have a nice day/night.

Here’s a crude implementation of what I think you’re talking about:


It’s all implemented in the platform which has a cube and a trigger box on top.