Player Actor always running

Hey guys, how’s going?

I’m prototyping a game like Snake Game and I want to simulate an effect like it that makes the Actor is always walking/running.

Can someone show me a brief of how could I perform this throughout Blueprints?

If you’re using the character movement component all you need is an AddMovementInput node and set the world direction to 1 on whatever axis you want it to move on. Then update the world direction based on your input.
The SwingNinja example project does exactly this, or maybe its the sidescroller_BP project.

Can you examplify me with an illustration of BP? I tried to create the function flow but no success. I don’t know what I’m missing.

Here you go. Take a look in the sidescroller BP project to see how you can change this value with an input.
To use this make a new character type blueprint. It comes with a CharacterMovement component and collider so all you need to do is plug in your inputs and movement values.
The best way for you might be to create a Vector variable and plug it into the world direction pin. Then you can update that Vector for different inputs.
Good luck :slight_smile: