Playback recorded assets with AnimationMode set to Assets through code

using 4.15.1

I’ve written a component that records the entity it is attached to. When I add the level sequence to the Sequencer track and playback, each entity is played back and possessed correctly (we want no spawnables). However the animations are non existent. There’s a simple fix by adding “Animation Mode” to the Mesh track in the Sequencer and set the mode to Animation Asset. This has to be done for each entity. Then the playback will play animations correctly.

I’d like to be able to do this automatically so I don’t have to do the steps above. I’ve found in numerous locations of the code such as the UAnimationSequence where I can change the EAnimationMode to SingleNode or Custom. These changes do not seem to affect the playback in the Sequencer.

anyone have a clue?

bump .

Figured it out